Death to the Corporate Bag

If you’re like me, a professional who has worked at companies both large and small, then you’ve probably amassed several company SWAG work bags. You can spot one of these bags a mile away.

They all look the same; sad little black laptop bags with far too many straps, cheap vinyl material, and it never held up for very long.

I’d hide the bag under my desk or chair during boardroom meetings, because it was hardly an expression of me or my identity. I didn’t put any pride into my bag.

Then one day I got a phone call. My brother called me after work and was complaining about his work bag. He used a backpack at work and said he felt like a giant kid flopping it down at important meetings. He needed a backpack however, because he travelled to work by bike or scooter.

We decided then, that the only way we’d get exactly what we’d want is if we designed it ourselves. We sat on the phone all night coming up with ideas. We made two lists, one that included everything we wanted the bag to be able to to do and a list of all of our frustrations with what is currently out there.

We called a manufacturer who works in Los Angeles for help. For over a year we teamed up and went back and forth creating various versions of the bag. We tested different materials, colors, added compartments, and removed unnecessary clutter.

And now today, we finally have exactly what we want.

We called it Hackpack and launched it on Kickstarter. It converts from a backpack, sling, messenger and briefcase. It can ride on top of luggage, expand 360 degrees to fit more, and has hidden briefcase handles that hide away when they aren’t in use.

With every sale of Hackpack, I think about replacing one more of those bland corporate work bags out there in the world. The best part is, I know that I created something people can be proud to carry and makes their day a little easier.

< Kim >

See how my campaign for Hackpack is doing on Kickstarter.

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